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Transport Committee Members and Terms of Reference


Agreed membership 2009/10 - appointed at the meeting of the Assembly on 6 May 2009.

  • Caroline Pidgeon (Chair) - Lib Dem
  • Valerie Shawcross (Deputy Chair) - Lab
  • Jennette Arnold - Lab
  • Victoria Borwick - Cons
  • James Cleverly - Cons
  • Jenny Jones - Green
  • Joanne McCartney - Lab
  • Steve O'Connell - Cons
  • Richard Tracey - Cons


4 Conservative, 3 Labour, 1 Liberal Democrat, 1 Green

Terms of Reference

  1. To examine and report from time to time on -
    • the strategies, policies and actions of the Mayor, Transport for London, and the other Functional Bodies where appropriate
    • matters of importance to Greater London
      as they relate to transport in London .
  2. To examine and report to the Assembly from time to time on the Mayor's Transport Strategy, in particular its implementation and revision.
  3. To take into account in its deliberations the cross cutting themes of: the health of persons in Greater London; the achievement of sustainable development in the United Kingdom; and the promotion of opportunity.
  4. To oversee the work of the London Transport Users' Committee, to receive regular monitoring reports from that Committee and support its consultative programme.
    To negotiate with the Mayor for the annual budget for the London Transport User's Committee and to recommend to the Assembly, through the Budget Committee, an annual budget for the London Transport User's Committee.
  5. To discharge the responsibilities and functions of the Assembly in respect of the London Transport User's Committee under the GLA Act 1999, in particular sections 247 - 252 and Schedules 18 and 19.
  6. To respond on behalf of the Assembly to consultations and similar processes when within its terms of reference.

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